Plumbing & Pipe Fitting

Repairs, Maintenance & Installation

A significant part of any building’s infrastructure is the piping configurations. At Coral Canada Wide Ltd., we have specialists working within our company that specialize in plumbing and pipe fitting.

Owners and building developers don’t need to worry about what is behind the drywall or expect problems further down the construction line. By retaining Coral’s technicians for your commercial and industrial projects, we ensure our work meets your development schedules.

A pipe fitter’s specialty is dealing with installation, maintenance, and repair of lines that carry water, gas, compressed gases, and chemicals. Coral’s journeymen provide the installation, maintenance, and repair for the pipes and fixtures that deliver and dispose of water and sewage systems.

The advantage of using Coral Canada Wide Ltd. is that we have highly trained journeymen who can assist with your plumbing and pipe fitting needs. By having certified teams in several fields, we eliminate the need for our clients to shop around for a secondary contractor. It also means the plumbers and pipe fitters can co-ordinate their efforts, so both types of piping can be run in effectively and efficiently together.

If you have problems with existing piping infrastructure, our knowledgeable management and trades staff can accurately pinpoint the problem and quickly resolve it.