Retrofits & Tenant Improvements

Saving Money and Time by Upgrading Existing Infrastructure

Coral Canada Wide Ltd.’s HVAC-R technicians can assess your current system and evaluate whether it needs replacement, or if it can be retrofitted with upgrades. A full equipment replacement isn’t the only solution. Retrofitting existing infrastructure where possible will save you money and bring your units up to date. A retrofit will also enable it to continue to meet codes and your new plans.

It is good practice to also look at the existing ducting and pipes site location, to ensure overall function will be maintained. Through the partnership of a quality preventative maintenance with our clients, Coral can keep the equipment operating efficiently for many years, but remodelling that include changes in floor plans, lighting or usage of the space should consider what is operating on the roof overhead!

We will look at the original building plan and recommend systems and retrofits that will ensure proper air flow and air quality. Additionally, our technicians will recommend any energy-efficient options that are available. Many older buildings were built with older materials, plumbing systems, and furnaces, which need to be updated to pass inspection.

Our technicians will ensure the system replacements are installed with minimal intrusion to tenants or commercial operations. They can give you notifications of arrival, a timeline for completion, and explain the technical terms of the job process, so you are informed when technicians complete their work.

Coral would be pleased to review your plans with you and has the expertise and experience to assist you with any mechanical issues that may reduce both current capital costs and operating expenses that will enhance your future enjoyment of your hard work.

At Coral Canada Wide Ltd., we ensure customer service and your satisfaction with any equipment and work we supply. Whether a ‘retrofit’, a ‘refit’ or a ‘tenant’ improvement, please call Coral to be your partner and a part of your Team!